Business Consultancy- Strategy

As a business owner, You plan everything to keep the business profitable.

You have a vision and motivated by that vision, you put in your time, money and personal skills to make your business grow and last.

However, some of the most crucial planning areas might have gone unattended. Yet they are the cornerstone for any successful business and its owner.

For the first time, exclusive services for the business owners on these topics are available in India.

What Do You Want To Happen To Your Business When You Die Or Retire?

When the owner of the business dies, there are only 3 options in front of the surviving family members:

  1. Keep and continue the business
  2. Sell the business
  3. Liquidate the business

When you are no more, the family member’s top concern would be “Continuing income”.

The income was taken out of the business till the business was run by you.

Can the business be continued in the same way and produce income in your absence?

  1.  If yes, who will run the business?
  2.  How long will it take for the new person to take charge?
  3.  Whether that person is working in the business now?
  4.  Will the creditors and customers continue to support the newcomer?
  5. Is there enough reserve money “in cash” available for the successor to take care of the family’s income needs and also run the business?

If the Business can be sold, then:

  1. Who will buy it?
  2. At what price?
  3. How much will it fetch if sold today?
  4. How long will it take to complete the sales process?
  5. Will it be enough to pay the loans?
  6. Will it be enough to provide income for the family? For how long?

If the business is liquidated:

  1. What assets can be sold?
  2. What is the current value?
  3. Who will take care of liquidation?
  4. How long will it take to liquidate?
  5. What happens to the income of the family?
  6. In any event, a lot of money is required and “in cash” for the family members to decide on the best alternative.

Do you have a clear-cut succession planning for your business?

We will help you to do your succession planning with the right combination of Life Insurance plans.


The biggest challenge for you as a single owner of your business is to “Retire”…

If there are children who are working in the business then it becomes even more complicated.

If the children are not interested in continuing the business, then it is a burden you want to offload.

You need to guarantee an income for you and spouse and bequeaths for children…

Death of the single owner presents all the problems mentioned above and more.

Without proper planning, in advance, the problems of the single owner is just waiting to happen.

Have you done anything towards the 2 inevitable future occurrences?

We will help you do just that.

Sole proprietor combo Program – Estate Planning

Financial Protection for Family

Asset Protection from creditors

Lifelong income for the spouse

Lifelong Income for self

An equal share of your wealth to your children

Make the blueprint of your future TODAY.


You have chosen to go into business with your trusted friends and others.

That’s a great way to bring in talent from different fields to make your business enterprise a success.

With that comes certain unique problems. Consider the following scenarios

  • If your partner or you are disabled permanently, how does your partnership deed deals with that situation?
  • If your partner or you were to die, how will the settlement happen to the family of the deceased? What provision for money reserve has been made?
  • If your partner or you want to retire from business, how will the settlement be made? Without winding the business?

We have the right solutions to take care of the above scenarios.

Don’t leave your family’s future to chances…and that of your partners too.

Get a consultation today.


Choosing the right insurance plan is tricky. Let us help you to decide by providing you with a thorough consultation on the matter!

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