Why Should One Buy A Health Insurance Program?

Cost for medical care is high and medical emergencies does not come announced in advance. The cost of doctor fee, surgeries, room rent, medicines, Ambulance charges, post hospitalization expenses can drain a substantial amount of money from your reserve.

We plan and save money for certain expenses in future, such as children education/Marriage, house purchase, Retirement income, car purchase, Vacations, Investments and other savings. When not insured against medical expenses, the money reserved for other purposes get spent, thereby disturbing your financial planning. In some cases it can be so devastating one becomes downright poor due to a sudden illness or a surgery.

Life changing health issues such as cancer, Heart ailment, stroke, kidney problems, diabetes-induced ailments, Paralysis (partial) can have much higher cost for treatment and rehabilitation.

Money is the most important issue when health issues come knocking.

Today, you can have the best medical care, but only if you can afford to,

So, Which one would you rather prefer?

Spending and depleting your own money? (or) Get the Insurance company pays for it?

MAX BUPA Is A Leading Health Insurance Provider In India Which Offers The Most Comprehensive Cover To Everyone From Age 0 To 99.

MAX, the Indian business house which is in business with Life Insurance, Hospitals, clinical research and senior citizen living facilities is pioneering health Insurance which is at par with the best of the world standards.

BUPA (British United Providend association) is the gold standard when it comes to health insurance and present in 190 countries since 1947.

Here Are Some Good Reasons For You To Choose Max Bupa As Your Health Insurance Partner:

• Talk directly to Us – NO TPA

• Cashless Facility at Quality Hospitals – Even in Non-Network Hospitals there is NO Co-Payment

• Assured Renewability for Life

• Maternity & Child Care Benefits

• No Age Restriction for Enrolment

• Responsible Enrollment

• More Comprehensive Coverage – NO separate Exclusion list for the 1st Year & 2nd Year below age 60. Above 60 year 2 year exclusion applicable

• Proactive Health Relationship & Management Benefits

• High-Quality Service

• Tax Savings

Programs To Choose

  1. HHeartbeat– Silver
  2. Heartbeat – Gold
  3. Heartbeat – Platinum
  4. Health Companion Variant 1, 2 & 3
  5. Health Assurance – (Critical illness & Personal accident policy)

The above programs can be bought as either

  • Individual program
  • Family floater (A common sum insured for all family members)
  • Family first (Individual sum insured+Floater sum insured)

The health insurance can be purchased up to 19 relationships in a family with individual sum insured and floater sum insured. The programs can be purchased by any type of business for its employees and avail tax deductions

To know which program is suitable for you and your family and get a quotation please write to me or call me at:

mailramji@gmail.com, ramji@ramjiraghavan.com

Mob:   9383350648

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