The mention of Life Insurance policy makes many a people to avoid or postpone, if possible.

The reason is life insurance is considered as a financial instrument which does not give liquidity and high returns.

However, a closer look on the concept of life insurance will tell you that this is the only financial instrument which passes the 3 crucial tests of –

* Protection.
* Creation.
* Distribution.


Please read below an introduction of life insurance policy creatively worded as if the policy is speaking to you.



★ I am a piece of paper, a drop of ink, and a few rupees of premium.

★ I am a promise to pay. I help people see visions, dream dreams, and achieve economic immortality.

★ I am education for the children.

★ I am savings.

★ I am property that increases in value from year to year.

★ I lend money when you need it most, with no questions asked.

★ I allow people to dare to live and to die responsibly.

★ I create money when none existed before.

★ I guarantee the continuity of a business.

★ I conserve the employer’s investment.

★ I am a declaration of financial independence and economic freedom.

★ I am the difference between an old man or woman and an elderly gentlemen or lady.

★ I provide cash if illness, injury, old age, or death cuts off the breadwinner’s income.

★ I am the only thing that can be bought on the installment plan that a family doesn’t have to finish paying for.

★ I am protected by laws that prevent creditors from assessing money that I give to loved ones.

★ I bring dignity, peace of mind, and security to the family.

★ I supply investment capital that makes the wheels turn and the motors hum.

★ I guarantee the financial ability to have happy holidays and the laughter of children – even though father or mother is not there.

★ I am the guardian angel of the home.

★ I am life insurance – Would you like to own me?

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