Planning Retirement

Planning For Your Retirement Income Has Become EASY Now.



Presenting “Easy Retirement” From ICICI Prudential.


Lifelong Pension Income Guaranteed!! The Best retirement income plan is here.!!. 





  • 101% of all premiums paid,  OR,                                                                               
  • Actual Fund Value. (Whichever is higher)

-Irrespective of capital market movements, your capital is protected.

There will be Zero loss even if the markets go negative and you will stand to gain 101% of all premiums paid as a worst-case scenario.-

(Last 10 year Average returns 13% on pension balancer fund  – 65% is invested in AAA rated bonds and the rest in equity.)

  • On the higher side if the Actual Fund Value is higher, then the Fund Value will be available.                                                                                                  
  • Twin advantage for you.                                                                                    

Your premiums are invested in equity (not more than 50%) yet you will not have the risk of loss.



  • 105% of all premiums paid or Fund Value whichever is higher will be paid to nominee.

On maturity, receive 1/3rd of maturity amount for free and use the rest to purchase lifelong pension income.(Annuity)


Pension Boosters

During the accumulation period on the 10th year and every 5 years thereafter, your account will be credited with a guaranteed 5% of the fund value (Avg. fund value of the preceding 12 months).


Avg. fund value – 40 lakhs

Guaranteed pension booster – 2 lakhs.

This feature will enhance your total maturity benefit and result in higher pension income.


Options for pension income

  • Life Annuity (Highest pension for the rest of your life)
  • Life Annuity with return of capital on your death to the nominee
  • Joint life Annuity (Pension for you and after your life time to your spouse)
  • Joint life Annuity with return of capital(Pension for you and after your life time to your spouse and after the spouse’s life time the capital returned to the legal heir)
  • Postponement of vesting date: Change the date on which you want to start receiving regular income, i.e. your vesting date, provided you are below an age of 55 years. You can choose to postpone your vesting date any number of times.

Note: Pension amount will vary according to the option chosen.


How the plan works:

  • At policy inception, you choose your premium, premium payment term, policy term and premium payment mode.
  • You choose the ratio in which your premiums will be invested in the following two funds:
  • Easy Retirement Balanced Fund: Up to 50% of the investments in this fund will be in equity and equity related securities.
  • Easy Retirement Secure Fund: This fund will invest exclusively in debt, money market and cash instruments.



Premium   –   Minimum Rs. 48,000/ Maximum – Unlimited

Premium payment modes   –   Yearly/ Half yearly/Monthly

Min/Max age at entry  –   35/70 years

Min/Max age at vesting  –  45/80 years

Premium Payment Term (PPT)  –  5 years, 10 years or policy term

Policy Term  –  10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years


To view a specimen of the policy document which contains all terms & conditions please click the below link.

To apply and get your “Easy Retirement” plan – Click here

For more information and consultation please feel free to call 044-24984097 and fix an appointment.

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