“Ramji is an excellent trainer and a thorough insurance professional. Never losing sight of the big picture while focussing on the details”.

Kaninika Mishra

Author (The Indian Millionaire Next Door) and Consultant (Content Management & Instructional Design), http://www.kaninikamishra.com/

“In my professional career, I have had the privilege of training thousands of individuals, mentoring a few hundred. Though most of these fine people were of quality character, rarely have I experienced the honor of tutoring such an outstanding person such as Ramji. His communication skills are extraordinary, as he truly listens first, responding only after correctly analyzing the core of the situation, The financial services industry demands advisers be ethically compliant using judgment both astute from life experiences and the continuing education mandated by today’s changing world. Ramji succeeds in all categories due to diligent focus, a committed dedication and the passion to learn. Having had the distinct pleasure of acting as his mentor, I do not consider him a mentee, rather, I proudly call him friend”.

Damian Xavier Edwards

Executive Vice President at Alpha-Omega Insurance Academy, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/damian-xavier-edwards/8/382/92

“Ramji , has a very dynamic personality , he can very ably relate the realities of the field and is capable of aligning the same to the broader business goals ., He is fairly flexible , focused , dedicated and a dependable resource. Does his homework well, and usually well balanced. Seldom can one find Ramji lose his cool”.

Tarun Nirula

National Head - Talent Acquisition at Bajaj FinServ - Lending, http://in.linkedin.com/pub/tarun-nirula/8/396/334


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